Thursday, October 23, 2014

Mindfulness - Don't be a robot

By Lars Hofhansl

Most humans can be aproximately described with this simple algorithm:

input = getSenseInput()
if input = sad
  react sad
if input = agitating
  react angry
if input = happy
  react happy
... and so on ...

Not much better than being a robot. At no point is there any choice. It's mere habitual re-action. 

A person accustomed to some regular reflection on the other hand would be more like this:

input = getSenseInput()
see the situation for what it is
act accordingly

Such a person cannot be described by a simple algorithm, reality does not work this way. It all depends on the details of the situation. (S)he sees every situation for what it is and acts (not react) accordingly.
Every moment is new, it never happened before exactly this way, it cannot be classified into something we have experienced before - it just seems that way.

Each moment warrants a completely new seeing and evaluation about what is and what is the wisest way to act.

Don't be a robot. You have a choice in each moment.

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