Sunday, October 12, 2014

What is Mindfulness?

By Lars Hofhansl
Recently I responded to a question about "What is Mindfulness?" with something like this:

Mindfulness is awareness.

When eating you're aware that you are eating.
When seeing something you are aware that you are seeing something.
When enjoying the sunset you're aware you're enjoying the sunset.
When thinking you're aware that you are thinking.
When selfish you are aware of that.
When sad you are aware that you are sad... And so on.

On some level it's like "seeing the matrix". Everything is clear, no longer overlaid by thoughts of gain or loss. No more "what's in it for me?"

Everything is wondrous. Everything is just there. There are no questions. There is no "me". 

Somehow this just welled up as I typed... In this blog about mindfulness I will share my random ramblings about topics related to mindfulness.

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