Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Minfullness and Hope

By Lars Hofhansl

What I am going to say might seem controversial...

In order to live and accept the current moment we must be without hope, we must be hopeless.

Hope is a measure of how much we want to dismiss the current moment and "hope" for something better in the future.

Now is all there is. No amount of hope is going to change what is. Hope distracts from accepting what is. Only action performed now can change anything in the future.

The only power thoughts have is to draw us away from here and now. Hope is no different, it draws us into the future instead of accepting and staying with what is now.

Giving up hope is difficult but it does not mean that we need to despair. The opposite of hope is not despair, but rather acceptance and patience.

Accepting the moment as is frees us to do whatever is necessary to shape the future.

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